Latest Projects

  • Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 10.28.09 AM (2014)

  • agenda_280x188 – Rails web application

  • longlake_280

    Longlake blog 2013 – WordPress

  • xmlparser_280x188

    Excel/XML parser: inDesign automatic pagination using Grails

  • foce_280x188

    Yii font-ends: (2011-2012),,, estivalugano (2012)

  • agenda_old_backend

    Backend events – Yii framework (2011-2012)

  • gallery_590px

    Yii PhotoGallery web application

  • gesca_280x188

    Intranet Application

  • jira_280x188

    Atlassian Jira Gadget

  • cms_280x188

    Custom CMS

  • tesi_280x188

    Bachelor Thesis: Spatial Memory

Frameworks I'm working with

  • RubyOnRails

    RubyOnRails is a web application framework for Ruby programming language.

    In Rails I developed with a co-worker, backend and frontend of

    It’s much better to work with Rails than Yii framework. It’s more productive, there is a bigger community and it’s well documented.

    It was immediately familiar thanks to many similarities with Grails.
    The main difference between the two besides programming language, Grails is more “domain-oriented” using Hibernate, while Rails is more “database-oriented”.

    So far I can say only good things about Rails. There is lots of documentation available online, tutorials and many plugins.

  • Groovy&Grails

    Grails is a web application framework based on Spring and Hibernate. it’s my favorite.

    It’s a fun framework to work with. With Groovy you write much more less code than Java, with no significant performance loss.

    This framework is great for developers with a Java background. The productivity is very high. There is No XML configuration and it’s ready-to-use from start. It offers good documentation, although it could be better.

  • Yii framework

    Yii framework is a PHP web application framework.

    I have been using it for almost 2 years now, developing websites, back-ends and intranet applications (ex: photogallery).